Ying Ang and Adrienne Grunwald

Curated by Heidi Romano

Two men are our protagonists in this duality of story-telling. One confronts the rest of his life at 36 years of age, one confronts the end of his life at 103. We ask the question of our audience, how do we cultivate our memories and why? How do they live within us and what form do they take? We use photography, object and document to confront the relationship between the physicality of these artifacts and the nostalgia inherent within them as they find their own way through the personal and public histories of the Audience. We use the space as a signifier of the Memory Palace, and the works found within – the memories made, found and restored.



Exhibition Opening
23 February 2017, 6pm

Exhibition dates
23 February – 8th March

Junior Space
65 Smith Street, Fitzroy