About the photobook folio reviews

The Reviews are for photographers with an existing photography project or photo book idea to learn about the process and pitfalls of book creation, production and publishing, from concept and funding, through to editing, design, print, pricing, distribution, selling and promotion.

Our 10 reviewers will help you refine ideas or photo selection, make layout and design suggestions, explain the impact of book formats and edition sizes, discuss budgets and advice on how to self or trade publish successfully.

Photographers must submit a sample of their work and a project outline by 13 February to be in the running for one of 16 places. Participants will be selected on the quality of their submission and compatibility with the reviewers’ interests and expertise. Early submissions will be given greater preference, so book early.

Participants will be notified by 14 Feb and the $120 payment is due by 15 Feb.



Friday 17 February 2017



Photography Studies College
65 City Road
Southbank VIC 3006


Apply by 13 February 2017

Our reviewers

Kirsten Abbott   
Thames & Hudson

Mark Campbell  
Hardie Grant Books

Sonya Jeffery  
Books At Manic

Heidi Romano   
Unless You Will


Jason McQuoid  
Pearce Press

Vicki Cooper     
Cooper & Spowart

Doug Spowart    
Cooper & Spowart

Katrin Koenning 


Craig Wetjen     

Geoff Hunt       
Momento Pro

Daniel Boetker-Smith
Photography Studies College
Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

For detailed biographies, please visit our reviewers page.


Submission process

Email by 4pm on 13 Feb 2016 with the following:

1. Contact details
- Name, Email, Phone
- Website or social links

2. Biography (max 100 words)

3. Project outline (max 200 words)

4. Attach or Hightail your project as:
A dummy or proof book design

- 10 - 15 page spreads
- 15 - 20 images

Files must be a PDF at 72dpi OR high quality JPEGs, 1200 pixels on longest side. Hightail must include your name. You must also bring a printed copy of your work to the Photobook Review.

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