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We are a creative studio specialising in design & communications for the photography industry.


— Unless You Will Journal Relaunch 2020


— Newspaper for Photography Studies College (PSC) —

Our aim is to be an invigorating and positive force in our community. We work with photography galleries, festivals, agencies, online platforms, artists, institutions, and more.


— Instagram story & guide for LensCulture —


— LensCulture's 'Beyond Boundaries' exhibition at Aperture Gallery, NYC —

We provide solutions-based creative concepts that engage, educate, nurture, and inspire.


— Robert Zhao Renhui exhibition at CCP during Photobook Melbourne Festival —


— Resist Laughter exhibition by Alana Holmberg —

We love the connected and global nature of our industry. From our studio in Australia, we work online with clients across many time zones.


— Branding & copywriting for LensCulture Awards —


— Portrait Photography Guide for LensCulture. Image by © Maxine Helfman —

Want to work some magic with us?

cooee! (/ˈkuːiː/) is a shout used in Australia, usually in the bush, to attract attention, find missing people, or indicate one's own location. When done correctly—loudly and shrilly—a call of "cooee" can carry over a considerable distance. 

Design &

Studio 62
1 Halford Street
Castlemaine 3450

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