We love those late night sessions. You know the ones: when discussions inevitably circle back to creative practice, the chaotic and non-linear ways of making work, the accidental discoveries and unpredictable pathways of visual research—all that is imperfect, unfinished, and unfolding. We often speak about the glorious mess of making photographs, but we rarely read about it. Our intention is to change that.

We believe in independent publishing and the combined power of images, text and design to spark ideas. Our aim is to publish curious and revealing conversations that help all photographers feel less alone in the ups and down of their practice. Our mission is to support ourselves and those we feature financially while working on something we love, and to challenge industry norms throughout that process. Our values are transparency, experimentation, positivity, and exploration, and that foundation permeates all that we do. Now raise your glass and join us in a declaration:


*As Marinetti puts it in his “Manifesto of Futurism” (1909)

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Studio 62
1 Halford Street
Castlemaine 3450

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