Strategic thinking, clear communication, considered content and seamless design. This is our modus operandi. We add value to photography brands, institutions, festivals, organisations and individuals. We help clients connect with their audience to achieve their goals.


(presented in a handy list that coincidentally boosts our seo ranking)

A. Art Direction  B. Branding. Book Design  C. Creative Collaborations. Copywriting. Concept Development. Content Strategy. Curation. Communications Strategy. Consulting  D. Design Strategy. Digital Publishing. Digital Experience. Dog Appreciation  E. Exhibition Design. Editing. Editorial Design. Event Management. Engagement F. Facebook. Frivolity  G. Graphic Design  H. I. Innovation. Identity. Ideas. Interactive storytelling. Instagram  J. K. L. Logos. Landing Pages  M. Marketing. Multimedia storytelling. Media Relations  N. Newsletters  O. Optimism  P. Photography. Print. Publication Design. Passion. Planning. Public Relations. Production  Q. R. Responsive Web Design  S. Strategic Thinking. Social Media  T. Typography  U. UX Design. User research  V. Video Direction & Editing. Visual Design. Visual Identity  W. Web Design. Web Development. Writing for Online. Workshop Facilitation & Design  X. Y. Z.


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Studio 62
1 Halford Street
Castlemaine 3450

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