Issue 31 has been prepared for you with love by three creative freelancers who work with photography: Cat Lachowskyj, Heidi Romano and Alana Holmberg. We mused about relaunching Unless You Will Journal for a year before COVID-19 arrived, which quickly became the catalyst that turned our idea into action. In the end, it took much longer than we thought. Juggling work and life alongside the ups and downs of the pandemic meant that there were times of pure flow interlaced with times of overwhelm and pause.

We each coped in our own ways; one of us crossed continents for love, one bought a puppy, and one built a bed in the back of her car. Brisk walks, stiff drinks and camaraderie kept us going and, in many ways, Issue 31 became a thread of hope, positivity and productivity amidst the madness. Making this journal reminded us that the antidote to feeling stuck, powerless and uncertain is creation. We’re sharing this journey with you because that is what Issue 31 is all about — the chaotic and non-linear ways of making work.


A curator, a writer & a photographer walked into a Brooklyn bar. They met again in the sweltering heat of Arles. A year later, Unless You Will Journal was reborn.

Heidi Romano
Founder & Creative Director

Cat Lachowskyj

Alana Holmberg


Design &

Studio 62
1 Halford Street
Castlemaine 3450

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